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Below are just a few case studies of my work. I have many more examples, so please contact me if you have specific questions.

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Full Email Analysis =  Improved Segmentation and +35% Sales Increase

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Optimized Campaign Strategy Drives Collaboration + Consistent Brand Experience

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Optimized Welcome Journey Improving Operational Efficiencies

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Holiday Campaign Sales Increased by +85% YoY

Full Email Analysis

Full Email Analysis = Improved Segmentation and +35% Sales Increase

📖 Backstory

This client knew they had an opportunity to improve their email marketing ROI, but they weren’t sure where to start.


They also had one person managing all email marketing efforts and found it challenging to come up with strategic ideas, understand performance, identify opportunities, and plan ahead.

⚒️ Solution

LeDuc Marketing established benchmarks and provided a prioritized plan to improve:

  • The brand experience

  • Differentiation

  • Audience segmentation

  • Email deliverability

  • Email engagement and conversion goals


The client also received a monthly campaign content calendar for a proactive approach.

As a monthly retainer client, each month LeDuc Marketing manages their email marketing channel. This client receives:

  • Monthly analysis, insights, and optimization planning for campaigns and journeys

  • Strategy and copywriting for monthly campaigns

  • New strategic ideas on how to reach yearly goals

  • Ongoing availability and strategic partner integrated with their team

🎯 Result

Consistent growth in email engagement and sales, month-over-month for at least 4 months. 

  • Email engagement +15% MoM

  • Sales +35% MoM

  • Purchases per customer +59% MoM

Note: With our assistance, this client is still building upon new benchmarks to eventually capture year-over-year results.

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Optimized Welcome Journey  Improving Operational Efficiencies


Overtime, the client created a highly-personalized automated welcome email journey that was difficult for them to maintain, let alone strategically optimize for growth.


The program grew to 13 personalized journeys and there wasn’t a clear understanding of where and when personalization made an impact on email engagement and lead conversion.

⚒️ Solution

LeDuc Marketing partnered with client’s internal analytics team to complete an analysis to understand impact of personalization. This showed that there were 7 segments that preferred personalization, rather than 13. 


Leveraging quantitative & qualitative data including personas, the buyer’s journey, customer preferences, email engagement, and more, LeDuc Marketing provided an optimized welcome strategy for 7 personalized flows.

🎯 Result

Although the overall automated welcome experience was reduced by over 50 percent, we maintained essential personalization to provide a positive customer experience, and email engagement & lead conversion were increased compared to benchmarks.


LeDuc Marketing also helped improve operational efficiencies by reducing the client's level of effort to maintain the automated welcome journeys which provided the opportunity to dedicate hours elsewhere.

Optimized Welcome Journey

I hired Emily to help us with some nurture campaigns to promote our subscription offer. Emily was a true professional in all sense of the word. She was organized, on time, communicative and very helpful. Her experience and knowledge in email was phenomenal. Overall, we felt as if we had hit the jackpot after working with her. I highly recommend her services.

- Brittani K. // Past Client

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Optimized Campaign Strategy
Drives Collaboration and
Provides Consistent Brand Experience 


With a complex corporate environment and multiple teams launching emails, the client didn’t have a clear understanding of when campaigns were launching and to which audiences. 

This resulted in poor brand experience due to recipients receiving duplicative, sometimes contradictive content, and potentially multiple emails a day. Some audiences weren’t receiving emails at all, thus there being an opportunity to enhance the overall strategy.  

⚒️ Solution

LeDuc Marketing partnered with the client to create a campaign calendar that included key organizational details. An analysis was also completed which:

  • Identified automation opportunities

  • Highlighted new opportunities to message audiences that weren’t currently receiving campaigns

  • Streamlined audience segmentation including identifying new segments to expand reach

🎯 Result

The newly built campaign calendar provided a consistently branded positive customer experience as leads and customers no longer received emails above the specified daily/weekly/monthly thresholds and messaging was no longer conflicting. 

The calendar also provided visibility across the organization which allowed for transparency and collaboration. By leveraging the calendar and opportunities from the analysis, the client saw an increase in email engagement and conversion compared to benchmarks.  

Optimized Campaign Strategy
Holiday Campaign Success

Black Friday Campaign Sales Increased
by +85% YoY

📖 Backstory

Three weeks before Black Friday, this client reached out looking to improve sales for their upcoming Black Friday sale compared to the prior year.

⚒️ Solution

LeDuc Marketing analyzed historical performance and customer trends to inform content and overall strategy. When completing this analysis, an opportunity was identified to increase loyalty members as they spend significantly more than non-loyalty members. 


With all of this information, LeDuc Marketing provided the strategy and copywriting for the Black Friday campaigns. Client provided the design and LeDuc Marketing built, tested, and launched the campaigns. Following launch, client received results and recommendations for the following year.

🎯 Result

  • Sales increased by 84.86% YoY 

  • Open rates increased by 55.94% YoY

  • Click rates increased by 86.84% YoY

  • Unsubscribes decreased by 20% YoY

  • 64 new loyalty members = $35,776/year in additional revenue


Due to the success of this project and others, this client agreed to a monthly retainer and LeDuc Marketing is an ongoing strategic partner. 

LeDuc Marketing LLC Website  (11 × 8.5 in) (68).png

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