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Free Marketing Automation Education

Develop a Strategy that Increases Engagement & Drives Conversion

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Marketing automation is an important way to send targeted messages, provide a positive customer experience, drive higher conversion, and improve efficiencies, leading to a higher marketing ROI. 

If you are a small business owner, your marketing budget might be limited. That's why I've created free marketing automation education resources for small businesses with tactics you can start implementing today! 

How To Create An Email Strategy

Are you creating an email strategy from scratch? Or maybe you are looking to optimize your existing email strategy but you're not sure where to start.


Watch this video to learn the 5 important things you should consider for your email strategy so you are more likely to exceed your benchmarks and reach your business goals!

5 Things to Consider When Creating an Email Strategy
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Learn why aligning your marketing automation strategy with the key segments of your audience will provide a positive customer experience that is personalized and more likely to result in higher email engagement and conversion.