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Email & Marketing Automation Consulting Services

Let's Grow and Optimize Your Strategy Together

Email marketing is about building trusting, long-lasting relationships with your customers.


In order to do that, you need to incorporate the proper segmentation, list management practices, customer insights, and full-funnel automated conversations in your strategy. 


Creating a strong email marketing automation strategy is complex, but you don't have to navigate the process alone. 

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Contact me for your free consultation and we can create the perfect combination of services to address your needs and help you reach your goals. 

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Types of Emails You Should Consider Sending 

Lifecycle Campaigns

Automated emails at key stages from subscription, to purchase, and beyond. 

Welcome Series

Welcome new subscribers, nurture relationships, build brand reputation, and promote lead conversion.  

Abandoned Cart

Recover potentially lost sales by sending campaigns to shoppers who left products in their shopping cart. 

Reorder Email

Automatically remind customers that it's time to reorder. 

Customer Review Email

Boost your credibility, help people find you online, drive sales, and gather insights by requesting reviews. 

Re-engagement Campaign

Segment and target unengaged audiences with the goal to re-engage with your business.

3 Tips To Improve Email Marketing ROI

Watch this video to learn 3 things you should consider when creating your outbound campaign strategy to help increase your email marketing ROI. 

3 Tips to Improve Email Marketing ROI
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Are You a Small Business with Limited Marketing Budget?

I love working with other entrepreneurs and helping their businesses grow! If you are a small business owner, your marketing budget might be limited. That's why I've created free marketing automation resources for small businesses with tactics you can start implementing today! 

Learn about segmentation, preference centers, personalization, and more. 

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Let's Partner Together!

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